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List your products for free

As a vendor, you can list your products for free. No monthly fees. No setup fees.

Low commission rates

We charge a low commission fee when a sale is made via your store

You’re in full control of your store

From your vendor portal, you can manage all your products, pricing, orders and more!

Features for the Vendor

As an online marketplace, we understand that you need control over your products and the way you run your business, so we’ve jam-packed the vendor portal with great features you’ll love, to make managing your products simple and easy!

  • List your products for free. We charge a low commission rate when a sale is made via your store.
  • Control the pricing of your products.
  • Use your own preferred courier service.
  • Set multiple variations for a single product.
  • View your latest monthly payout amount.
  • Vendors receive their payouts on a monthly basis.
  • Manage all your orders and products from one easy dashboard.
  • Receive email notifications when an order has been processed from your store.
  • Our system automatically calculates your payout after commission

Ready to start selling?

Affordable, transparent, and secure

It’s free to register as a vendor and to list your products. We charge a low commission fee when your products sell.
Here’s how you can start selling:

Register as a Vendor

If you’re a craftsman making high-quality bespoke products, we’d love to have you as a vendor! Register as a vendor and one of our consultants will be in touch with you. Once you’re approved you can start selling immediately!

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List & sell your products

Once registered and approved, you’ll be able to list your products within your personalised vendor dashboard. Once your account has been approved, we’ll activate your store and you’ll be able to start selling your products!

Package & courier your products

As a vendor, you take care of the packaging and delivery of your products to the customer. Once an order has been completed, our system automatically calculates the amount owed to you.

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Get payments & grow your business

At the start of every month, we’ll pay out the money owed to you from the previous month. Selling through Wikishop is an efficient and easy way to sell your products and grow your business!